At the Tubbergen International meeting in 1978, the Super Class was a race over two combined rounds, one for 250cc and the other for 350cc machines with the riders electing to ride their 250cc or 350cc bikes in any order. 

Vic Soussan (Aus) and Pekka Nurmi (Fin) each won a race, but overall victory went to Tom Herron. 
Tom got a flyer in the first race on his 250cc, but the Australian Vic Soussan on his 350, to the amazement of the 25,000 spectators, came through from well down the field to take the win. Jon Ekerold, Pentti Korhonen and Pekka Nurmi completed the first five.

In the second race, fourth place was good enough for Tom to take the overall title as Soussan could manage only 14th place. 
The race was won by Nurmi from Willem-Jan Dickens (first race 14th), Piet vd Wal (10th), Herron, Pentti Korhonen and Bert Struijk (11th in race one). Races under this two-race scheme were a great success. 

Jack Middelburg had a brilliant start to finish win in the 500cc race from Boet van Dulmen with Tom Herron third on the Wilddam RG500 Suzuki of Henny ten Dam. 

Tom qualified second for the race, albeit some 3.5 seconds behind Middelburg but he seemed to have second in the race wrapped up, however on the last lap it became clear that he was low on fuel. 

Tom decided to conserve what he had and slowed his pace allowing Boet Van Dulmen to come through just before the chequered flag. Fourth and fifth respectively were German riders Jurgen Steiner and Franz Rau. 

Jon Ekerold recalls that day in 1978............................... 

'The only recollection of the 1978 event I have ever had, until now, relates to the second race that day, and the reason for this is because it is probably the closest I ever came to being wiped out. 

I had an almighty prang while leading that race, and totally destroyed my 350 machine when I hit a bridge at well over a ton. 

By some miracle (I'm still not sure how) I wasn't even injured, but we had to rush down to Switzerland the next day to fetch a new machine from Hostettler, (the Swiss Yamaha importers) so that we could get it prepared for the Italian GP at Mugello, which was held the following weekend. 

The format that day was odd in that one could ride either one's 250 or 350 in the first race, but then had to use the other bike for the second event, with the winner being decided by who had the best overall aggregate. 

Tom and I elected to ride our 250's in the first event, while Vic Soussan was on his 350.'

December 2009

Tom in the wet at Tubbergen.
Photo Courtesy: Gerard van der Pot
By Kind Permission.

Main Photo
Tom on the grid for the 500cc race on the Wilddam RG500.
Photo Courtesy: Gerard van der Pot
By Kind Permission.

With thanks to Jon Ekerold